The Seventies (1972-1979)



Rone Hubbard Chairman
Editor Digest
Tom Stewart Vice Chairman
Fred Behm Secretary
Robert Barton Treasurer

Meetings were held at the David Rittenhouse Labs of the University of Pennsylvania

Field Trips / Events

Jan 14-16 – Cristy Pit West Va “Polar Trip” by Doug Medville, Rone and Rene Hubbard, Fred Behm, Eileen Caya, Harry Hagan, Mary Stewart, Bea Wood and Tursyl Farley

Membership in the grotto cost $3.00 a year or $2.00 for the Digest alone.


Gordan Rodda Harry Hogan Mike Fernandez Howard Bussard Fred Cardinale John Peters Arthur Petit Jerry Forney Jon Levin Albert Cunningham Ottinger Allen Friedman Fred Behm Bruce Nayowith Peter Williams Susan Noreworthy Jim Kinsey Rita Stewart Andy Hardman John Foulkes Tom Stewart Ed Larock Don Goldstein Mike Smiley Dan Gealt Joan Bennet Linda Camana Betty Raymond Jeff Hauer Elliot Crooks Henry Havis Gordan Slomeford Albert List Genji List Barry Liebowitz Gerry Engle John McKinney Debbie Bynum Doug Medville Frank Eckert Chris Kocher Dave Fields Irene Donnelly


Beginning Balance: 185.66
Expenditures: 301.96
Income: 360.71
Ending Balance: 244.41



Dan Gealt Chairman
Bea Wood Vice Chairman
Eileen Caya Secretary
Bob Becker Treasurer
Fred Behm Board Member
Rone Hubbard Board Member
Editor Digest
Bob Kazell Board Member
Poop Sheet Editor

Meetings were held at David Rittenhouse Labs at the University of Pennsylvania

Field Trips / Events

Jan 1 – New Years trip to West Virginia as reported by Harry Hagan

Jan 4 – Grotto meeting where slide show of European landscapes was shown

Jan 25 – Grotto Board meeting at home of Gerri Davenport. Grotto Post Office Box reopened.

Birth of Susan Medville future vertical climbing champion.

Feb 1 – Grotto meeting Grotto dues were raised from $3.00 to $4.00 Doug and Hazel Medville presented a slide show of their rafting trip down the Colorado River.

Feb – West Virginia trip by Rone Hubbard, Bob Becker, Mary Stewart Argobrite’s Cave was pushed and mapped by Becker and Hubbard

Feb – West Virginia trip by Dan Gealt Allan Friedman and others found a new lead discovered up stream in the dome in Cookpot Cave

Feb – Hellhole Cave trip by Howard Bussard

Feb – Lehigh Canoe trip by Bob Becker
and others.

Mar 1 Grotto meeting – Eb Werner presented program on Geology

Mar – Baxter’s Cave trip by Fred Behm and Eileen Caya and Bea Wood

Mar – Everglades trip by Fred Behm

Mar – Turkey Creek Cave by Rone Hubbard

April 5 – Grotto meeting a slide show of the 1972 NSS Convention was shown.

May – Grotto auction garnered $88.70

May – Thompson’s Cave by Dan Gealt and Alan Friedman

May – Canoe trip by Tom Stewart

May – Kentucky Trip by Rone Hubbard, Fred Behm, Eileen Caya, Bea Wood, and Tom Stewart

June 7 – Grotto meeting


Trip to 1973 NSS Convention in Indiana

Trip to Webster’s Cave in Kentucky

Aug – Grotto meeting A film on the Caves of Tennessee was shown.

Bea Wood moved and Eileen Caya took over as Vice Chairman.

Sept 29-30 2nd Annual Grotto picnic held in Schuylkill County.

Sep – Monroe County West Virginia Peter’s Mt was checked by Doug Medville, Bob Becker, Plants, Hemple, Werner, and Mothes

Sep – Ellisons Cave Trip 1052 feet of passage was mapped 60 foot siphon and the water was reported low

Sep – Gunks N.Y. climbing trip by Bob Kazell

Oct 4 – Grotto meeting program was slides of Mexico and Central America by George Ottinger

Nov 1 – Grotto meeting. program given by Bob Kazell on Mexico “70 & 71”

Dec – Grotto Meeting – elections held

Special Projects

Snyder County Cave Survey

Bob & Karen Barton Mary Stewart Harry Hagen Steven Karr Joan Reid Louis Sutzait Wendy Stevenson Bob Kezell Pattie Wiley Bob & Nadine Becker Howard Bussard Mike Fernandez Jim Kinsey Fred Behm Allen Friedman Jum Naylor Jerri Davenport Rone Hubbard Eb Werner Carl Walker J. Lightsap S. Smith J. Wright A.J. Cunningham S. Rodda B. Wood Jennie Henderson Eleanor Applegate Alex Anderson D. Gealt Tom Stewart J. Naylor Eileen Caya Ed Pilsitz Kyle Nylander Joseph Kohn Michele Byers F. Procknow Kezell Nadine Becker Mary Stewart Garry Stewart Brian Foreacre Louis Gutzait Barry Leibowitz Bob Becker Perry Dougherty Jay Bradbury


Beginning Balance: 244.41
Expenditures: 251.30
Income: 302.03
Ending Balance: 295.14



Bob Becker Chairman
Allan Friedman Vice Chairman
Eileen Caya Secretary
Bob Kazell Treasurer
Rone Hubbard Board Member
Fred Behm Board Member
Dan Gealt Board Member
Tom Stewart Alternate
Mary Stewart Alternate

Field Trips / Events

Jan – Grotto meeting – “Mexico “74” report by Rone Hubbard, Bob Becker and Fred Behm. Baltimore Grotto Party reported on by Dan Gealt. Grand Canyon trip reported on by Stu Smith. Program given by George Ottinger

Feb – Grotto Meeting – Trenton State College outing club reported on some caves of Tennessee. Deleware Outing Club reported on their trips in Indianna by Dave Bunnel.

Program was given by Dave Bunnel on White Mountains followed by slide show of West Virginia caves, Mexico and others by G. Ottinger

Feb 15-17 West Virginia trip to G Mothes (Friar’s Hole) reported by Allan Friedman.

Mar – Grotto meeting. Planning for Spring MAR hosted by Philly Grotto the weekend of the 19&20 in Snyder County Allan Friedman chairman. The program was slides on Indiana and West Virginia caves by Dave Bunnel

April – Grotto meeting. Program was a talk on knots and climbing techniques given by Bob Kazell

April 27 – Climbing session at Springfield

May – Grotto meeting and auction.

May 4 – Hosterman’s

May 18 – Climbing session at Springfield.

May 25 – Pa beginner’s trip

May – Memorial Day Weekend – Large gathering on the Cameron & Medvilles farm in West Virginia. Warren & Kitty Heller, L Cameron, Doug & Hazel Medville, Chuck Hemple, C & L Walker, Eb & J Warner, Rone Hubbard, Bob Kezell, N. Becker, Fred Behm, P Matt, Mary Stewart, Tom Stewart and Eileen Caya. Cave like Carpenter-Swago, Warm River, and Cass and other leads of Medville’s were done

June – Grotto meeting. Kentucky Speleofest reported on by Dave Bunnell. Program was a film strip about the formation of the Great Lakes by Allan Friedman. New trips planned: Convention trip 74, Wyoming trip 74 headed by Tom Stewart July 29 – Aug 9

June Grotto Board meeting – Bob Becker resigned as Chairman Rone Hubbard resigned as Board Member. Tom Stewart and Mary Stewart were elected as first and second alternates to the board. Dan Gealt was elected new chairman till December

July 11 – Grotto meeting – three car accident reports given. Trip reports: Webster’s Cave mapping trip (800 ft mapped) n Kentucky by Rone Hubbard abd Eileen Caya. West Virginia Toothpick Cave. The program was slides of Hosterman’s and recent West Virginia trips given by Carl Walker

July 26- Aug 9 Wyoming trip

Aug 10-18 NSS Convention.

Sep – Grotto meeting. Trip reports: Caving in Puerto Rico by Karen Fransfilder. Caving in Europe by Chris Kocher. Caving in the Tetons by Tom Stewart Caving and camping in Wyoming by Lynn and George Ottinger. Snyder County Cave Survey report by Ed LaRock The program was two films on outdoor canoeing and camping presented by Allan Friedman.
Sept 27,28 Fall MAR hosted by Philly Grotto at G. Mothes Farm (Friar’s Hole) West Virginia

Oct 3 Grotto Meeting. – Ed Pilsitz announced opening of Base Camp. Program was of slides of Puerto Rican caves by Karen Fransfilder

Nov 7 Grotto Meeting – Nominations for the 1975 board. Programs were given by Bob Matusik a slide show “Guess What Cave” and Kris Kocher gave a slide show on caves in Pakistan and other European and Middle Eastern countries.

Dec Grotto meeting. Trip reports were givin on the West Virginia and Virgina Thanksgiving weekend trip by members of the Trenton Outing club Eileen Caya led a beginners trip to South Temple, Dragon, and Schofers Cave Pa

Special Projects

Snyder County Cave Survey


Dan Foley Pat Wiley Dan Gealt Bob Kezell Howard Bussard Bob Matusik Carl Walker Bob Rose Howard Camp Fred Behm Allen Freidman Rone Hubbard Jim Kinsey Bob Swartzwelder Frank Eckert Nadean Becker Bob Becker Joan Gealt Tom Stewart Mary Stewart Geroge Stevens Pauline Matt John Sennott Jame Siwiki Kyle Nylander John Haynes Ed Pilsitz Garry Stewart Eileen Caya Becky Davis Karen Fraunfelter Kathleen Alexander Carl Woychowski John Foulkes Gerri Papp Grace Gallimore Perry Dougherty


Beginning Balance: 289.83 *
Expenditures: 64.90
Income: 336.86
Ending Balance: 561.79

? it seems one Bob Becker owes the Grotto 5.31



Ed Pilsitz Chairman
Eileen Caya Vice Chairman
Joan Gealt Secretary
Bob Kezell Treasurer
Rone Hubbard Board Member
Dan Gealt Board Member
Doc Dougherty Board Member
Tom Stewart Alternate
Alan Friedman Editor Digest

Field Trips / Events

Jan 9 – Grotto Meeting Chris Kocher presented slide show on caves and sites in Europe

Feb 6 – Grotto Meeting – George Ottinger showed slides from this year’s Mexico trip.

Mar 6 – Grotto Meeting – Bob Kezel presented a program on what to keep in a cave pack.

April 3 – Grotto Meeting Bob Matusik presented slide show and talk on cave photography

May 1 – Grotto Meeting and Auction $186.90 was raised

June 5 – Grotto Meeting program presented was NSS slide show “The Exploration of Overholt Cave”

July 10 Grotto Meeting program presented by Bob Matusik slides of Cave Life and a presentation of slides from a trip to California by Barry Leibowitz

Aug 7 – Grotto Meeting NSS slide program “Gwank show”

Sep 4 – Grotto Meeting – Brother Nicholas present slide show

Oct 2 – Grotto Meeting – Program by Rone Hubbard on vertical systems and Ed Pilsitsz showed slides of Overholt and Blowing Caves

Nov 6 Grotto Meeting Program “Cave of the Winding Stare”

Dec 4 Grotto Meeting – program presented by George Ottinger

Special Projects

MAR Bulletin #10 Snyder County Cave Survey


Pam Johnson Mike Mostardi Mike Mitchell Dave Trump Matt Zell Bob Kezell Kathy Krawchok Howarrd Bussard Nancy McBreen Jim Gealt David McKeton Ed Pilsitz Chris Kocher Richard Ohlsen Ted Williams Louis Gutzait Barry Leibowitz Bob Matusik Eileen Caya Allen Friedman Jim Kinsey Dave Ecker Tom Stewart Mary Stewart Fred Behm Bob Rose Rone Hubbard Pauline Matt Frank Eckert Nadean Hornstein Gerri Davenport Kathleen Alexander Don Savage Garry Stewart Ray Zeper Flint Henderson Ryn Agnew Bob Becker Ed Pilsitz Charles Schaffer Kyle Nylander


Beginning balance: 561.79
Expenitures: 795.62
Income: 727.06
Ending Balance: 493.23



Doc Dougherty Chairman
Eileen Caya Vice Chairman
Pauline Matt Secretary
Bob Kezell Treasurer

Special Projects

The Grotto completed and published as a Philadelphia Grotto Digest “The Caves of Snyder County” MAR Bulletin #10


Mike Mostardi Karl Brotzman Terry Hagen Connie Prager Paul Wannamaker Anita Bucher David Heeny Kathy Krawchak Frank Baird Larry Cohen Jim Cowell Joe Clark Ken Law Gary Allen Charles Wagg John Sennott Rich Ohlsen Ted Williams Tom Sagni Chris Kocher Doc Dougherty Bob Rose Dennis Vaders Jo Beitler Bob Matusik Agnes Maderich Jo Floyd Allen Friedman Carl Walker Howard Bussard Jim Kinsey Deborah Stang Fred Behm Barry Leibowitz Pamela Johnson Thurman Gillespy Ed Hamilton Steve Klarich Frank Brady Bob Becker Flint Henderson Howard Camp Dave Pennella Bob Kezell Nadine Hornstein Kyle Nylander Rone Hubbard Pauline Hubbard Tom Stewart Richard Kranzel Kim Hastings Becky Davis Ed Pilsitz John Belmonte William Reynolds Garry Stewart


Beginning Balance: 493:23
Expenditures: 461.40
Income: 686.39
Ending Balance: 718.22



Allan Friedman Chairman
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Pauline Hubbard Secretary
Bob Kezell Treasurer
DocDougherty Board Member
Rone Hubbard Board Member
Eileen Caya Board Member
Tom Stewart Alternate
Mike Mostardi Alternate
Nadine Hornstein Editor Digest


Percy Dougherty Donald Savage Karl Brotzman Jack Igue Elaine Sariano Ed LaRock Eileen Caya John Gerber Frank Eckert Roy Zeper Mike Mostardi William Gleason Paul Wannamaker Ted Williams Kathleen Alexander Scott Larson Ron Stern John Rothman Alex Anderson Jenny Ritz Bob Matusik Kathy Kruchuk Pam Johnson Ken Law Charles Wagg Rone Hubbard Barry Leibowitz Tom Stewart Agnes Maderich Carl Walker John Foulkes Garry Allen Gerri Papp Larry Heim Reinhold Koeth David Pennella John Harnes Paul Wannamaker Holly Hacker Howard Camp Hal Rubin Dan Raab Ellen Reich Mike Fernandez


Beginning Balance: 718:22
Ending Balance: 457:83



Doc Dougherty Chairman
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Eileen Caya Secretary
Fred Behm Treasurer
Pauline Hubbard Board Member
Allen Freidman Board Member
Carl Brotzman Board Member
Ed Pilsitz Board Member
Mike Mostardi Editor Digest

Member John Gerber died in a freak accident on July 3, 1978 in Canadian Hole of the Friar’s Hole Cave System.

Special Projects

Berks County Cave Survey


Frank Eckert Josephine Beiter Kathleen Alexander Doc Dougherty Ed Pilsitz Tom Stewart Rita Stewart Bob Matusik Pam Johnson Dennis Flynn Agnes Maderich Elizabeth Hessey Ed LaRock Pauline Hubbard Karl Brotzman Kyle Nylander Chris Kocher Ron Stern Bob Rose Barry Leibowitz Margaret Stieff Geraldine Papp Wayne McIntyre Eileen Caya

Treasury *

Beginning Balance: 463.22
Expenditures: 75.00
Income: 198.75
Ending Balance: 586.97

* no records were kept from Jan-Aug


Special Projects

Berks County Cave Survey


Carl Walker Arch Mcgowen Fred Behm Bernie Szukalski Owen Shankes Marion Krawchuk Mike Mostardi Alex Anderson Allen Friedman Stephan Moysan Kyle Nylander Bob Matusik Tom Stewart Rita Stewart Eileen Caya Chris Kocher Agnes Maderich Lizz Campion Sneza Kelly Francis Kelly Bernie Szukalski


Beginning Balance: 586.97
Ending Balance: 168.77