The Eighties (1980-1989)

Written by Joe Durant, 1997, for the Grotto’s 50th anniversity.



Dave Bunnel Chairman *
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Carol Vesely Secretary *
Agnes Maderich Treasurer
Mike Mostardi Equipment Manager
Chris Kocher Editor Digest
Board Member
Karl Brotzman Board Members
Arch McKown Board Member

* it seems that at some point Dave and Carol
left for the west …Mike Mostardi took over as Chairman and Monica Cunningham as Secreatary

Field Trips / Events

Survey trips to Evensville and Dreibilbis Caves.Survey trip to Onyx Cave. Grotto auction which netted $165.50 MAR Business meeting and a trip to Rohrers cave. A trip to Williams and Breathing caves in Bath Co Va. Several trips to survey in Friars Hole West Va. A trip to J-4 and Aitkin Caves in Centre and Mifflen Counties Pa.
Spring MAR Williamsport Va Speleofest Pulaski Co Ky. Vertical Practise sessions at Stover State Park.. Movie nite “The Secrets of Groundwaters” and “Caves:Dark Wilderness”

Special Projects

Continued field work for Mar Bulliten “Caves of Berks County”


Karl Brotzman Bob Rose Frank Eckert
Dave Bunnell Carol Vesely Mike Mostardi
Bob Matusik Hugh Keough Gordan Swineford
Monica Cunningham John Mcdonnell
Kathleen Smith Don Dwyer Robert Hohl
Chuck Hoffman Ron Stern Paula Coppock
William Neuman Agnes Maderich Fred Behm
Allen Freidman Charlie Wagg Ken Law
Ted William Tom Stewart Rita Sewart
Chris Kocher David Sheidy Victoria Trongo
Lynn Haupt Lamar Haupt Bob Matusik
Sally Wilcox Bonnie Clearfield


Beginning Balance: 168.77
Expenditures: 359.70
Income: 404.00
Ending Balance: 213.07



Mike Mostardi Chairman
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Monica Cunningham Secretary
Agnes Maderich Treasurer

Field Trips / Events

First annual “Piedmont Peneplain Grottoes Group” meeting. P2G2 as it came to be called featured a multi media and slide presentation by Tom Pollack of Central New Jersey Grotto.

Bernie Szukalski Monica Cunningham
Jeremy Holtzman Kathleen Smith Sneza Kelly
Agnes Maderich Fred Behm Tom Stewart
Rita Stewart Charlie Wagg Ken Law
Chris Kocher Dan Schultz Mike Mostardi
Lynn Haupt Larmar Haupt Scott Berger
Marcia Lyn Saleiston Kyle Nylander
Ron Stern Carl Walker


Beginning Balance: 213.07
Expenditures: 210.65
Income: 145.29
Ending Balance: 147.71



Mike Mostardi Chairman
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Jeremy Holtzman Secretary 1st half
Tom Lovejoy Secretary 2nd half
Treasurer Agnes Maderich
Arch McKown Editor of Digest

Field Trips / Events

2nd annual P2G2 featuring Tom Pollack’s
(CNJG) slide presentation “Adventures of the Central New Jersey Grotto; the Emily Nogradi (BCG) and Bernie Szukalski (BCG and PG) production “As Above…So Far Below”. There was a beginners trip to Womer’s Cave in May
The Philly Grotto Digest published the map of Onyx Cave as drawn by Carol Vesely.


Donn Dwyer William Sodano Jeff Katz
Bernie Szukalski Bob Matusik John Polienson
Brenda Chapman Tom Lovejoy Bob Snyder
Paul Gillis Fred Behm Agnes Maderich
Tom Stewart Rita Stewart Chris Kocher
Mike Mostardi Monica Cunningham
Bill Boehle Luara Boehle Arch McKowen
Eric Horowitz


Beginning Balance: 147.71
Expenditures: 283.32
Income: 264.75
Ending Balance: 129.14



Mike Mostardi Chairman
Bob Matusik Vice Chairman
Tom Lovejoy Secretary
Agnes Maderich Treasurer
Arch McKown Editor of Digest

Field Trips / Events

Beginners trip to Dreibilbis in Berks County Trip to Big Ridge and Aitkins in Mifflin County. Trip to Porter Cave and Withero’s in Va. Trip to Hennigh Cave Bruckerhoff and J-4 in Centre County. Trip to Schoolhouse Cave in West Va.
Survey and mapping trip to Plum Creek Cave in Berk’s County. Trip to McFails Cave Schoharie County Ny. Trips to Hell Hole, Bickle Hollow and Bowden’s in West Va. Plum Creek Cave Map published in Grotto Digest. along with instructional articals on photography and caving equipment.

Tom Stewart prepares for Schoolhouse
picture by Dottie Eckert

Special Projects

Continued work on Berks County Cave Survey


Tom Lovejoy Ron Stern Dottie Eckert
John Whitlock Frank Jacobs Bob Matusik
Bill Boehle Laura Boehle Rich Gibson
Monica Cunningham Larry Hara Chris Kocher
Fred Behm Agnes Maderich Tom Stewart
Rita Stewart Mike Mostardi Emily Nogradi
Joel Aschenbrand Robert Boss
Cynthia Whitman Bernie Szukalski
Bruce Rothman Barrie Bergman
Arch McKowan Lisa Passmore Greg Passmore
David Field Eric Horowitz Rod Trautz
Edwin Barkdoll


Beginning Balance: 129.14
Expenditures: 321.12
Income: 275.25
Ending Balance: 83.27



John Whilock Chairman
Arch McKown Vice Chairman
Mike Mostardi Secretary
Agnes Maderich Treasurer

Field Trips Events

Trips to Flower Pot at OTR . Trip to Dreibilbis Cave in Berks County. Trip to Wind Cave Lancaster County. Trip To Hosterman’s Pit Centre County Pa. Trips to Kimballs and Germany Valley in West Va. Beginners Trip to Dreibilbis Cave

Special Projects

Continued work on Berks County Cave Survey


Mike Mostardi Tom Stewart Arch McKowan
John Whitlock Tom Lovejoy Ron Stern
Dottie Eckert Rob Boss Fred Behm
Agnes Maderich Bernie Szukalski Rob Snyder
Dave Field Lynn Haupt Emily Nogradi
Scott Berger Steve Spoonamore Rita Stewart
Rod Trautz Albert Churella Joel Shore
Jack Yanooski Philip Reitz Joe Durant
Bruce Rothman Dave Dubs Dick Bischke
Steve Kraiman Ray Scheifeld Barbara Higgins


Beginning Balance: 83.27
Expenditures: 284.00
Income: 511.75
Ending Balance: 311.02
Whitlock on rope

John Whitlock On Rope in Stephan’s Gap
photo by Dottie Eckert
NSS Slide Salon Honerable mention



Mike Mostardi Chairman
Ray Scheinfeld Vice Chairman
Ryn Agnew Treasurer
Agnes Maderich Treasurer

Field Trips / Events

Hosterman’s Loop Trip.. P2G2 Trips to Fisher Ridge Kentucky. Trip to Laurel Ridge. Berk’s County Survey trips. Thorn Springs Boy Scout Trip to Trout and Hamilton Caves Carpenter-Swago infamous cross-over trip. Trip to Norman’s Cave in West Va. Vertical training trips to Stover State Park. TAG trips. OTR which included Red Run Cave Lawrence Fieldhouse Cave Harmon’s Waterfall Cave and Bowdens with it’s killer Cat’s Crawl and Agony passages. Thanksgiving Pig Hole Trip.

Special Projects

Continued work on Berks County Survey


Doc Dougherty Bob Kezell Nadean Hornstein
Tom Stewart Rita Stewart Kyle Nylander
Denise Nylander John Whitlock Frank Kelly
Roy Harris Mike Mostardi Joe Durant
Eric Tsakle Al Churella Randy Elder
Dottie Eckert Ron Stern Fred Behm
Agnes Maderich Ray Scheinfeld Ryn Agnew


Beginning Balance: 311.02
Expenditures: 641.43
Income: 603.74
Ending Balance: 273.33



Tom Stewart Chairman
Mike Mostardi Vice Chairman
Ryn Agnew Secretary
Agnes Maderich Treasurer
Art Fortini Board Member
Ray Scheinfeld Board Member
Ron Stern Board Member
Joe Durant Editor of Digest

Field Trips / Events

This year saw the resumption of the printing of the Philadelphia Grotto Digest. Meetings were held gratis (as in we were there without permission per se) at David Rittenhouse Labs of the University of Pennsylvania. The year started out with a trip to Hosterman’s in January. The MAR Business meeting was attended in February. P2G2 was held in March There were trips to Sharps and Bowdens Cave in March. There were trips to Schoolhouse Dreibilbis and Schofer’s Cave in April as well as a PCC meeting (Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy) May saw a trip to Friar’s Hole and Cassells Windy. The Dreibilbis Cave Map was published in the Spring Digest along with a description of the cave as written by Bernie Smeltzer for the York Grotto June brought trips to Hell Hole Simmon’s Mingo in West Virginia, NSS and NCRC Conventions and a Fort Stanton New Mexico trip. July saw a renewed attack on trying to find Monster Cavern in Friar’s hole and a Philly Grotto Summer Picnic. There was another trip to Friar’s Hole in August. OTR with trips to Bowdens, Simmons Mingo, My Cave, and Isaac Walton Cave in September. There were Berks County survey trips in October and November with another trip to Friar’s Hole…Monster Cavern at last!!! Thanksgiving again saw a contingent of Philly Grotto members head to Pig Hole with trips to Spruce Run, Tawny, and Smokehole also. Bertolet Cave map and description was published in the November Digest as part of the Berks County Survey.

Special Projects.

Continued work on Berks County Survey


Ryn Agnew Art Fortini Rod Trautz
Steve Kraiman Bill Boehle Mary K Till
Tom Stewart Rita Stewart Chris Kocher
Mike Mostardi John Miles Joe Durant
Ray Scheinfeld Elana Benamy Dave Pasorok
Fred Behm Agnes Maderich Al Churella
Frank Burke Dottie Eckert Ron Stern


Beginning Balance: 273.33
Expenditures: 236.68
Income: 364.05
Ending Balance: 400.70
Mike Mostardi in Pighole

Mike Mostardi on Rope in Pig Hole
photo by Dottie Eckert



Mike Mostardi Chairman
Ray Scheinfeld Vice Chairman
Joe Durant Secretary
Editor of Digest
Agnes Maderich Treasurer
Art Fortini Board Member
Tom Stewart Board Member
Dottie Eckert Board Member

Field Trips / Events

MAR Business Meeting. Library Party. Visit to NSS headquarters P2G2 sponsered by Central Jersey Grotto. Porter’s Cave Bath County Va.
Sloane Valley Kentucky trip. Spring MAR 40th Anniversary Party Dutch Mill Campground. Pig Roast at Friars Hole West Virginia Trip to Hell Hole. Dottie Eckert to course on “History of Exploration of Mamouth Cave” at Mamouth with trips to Great Onyx, White Cave, Long Cave, Sand Cave, and Colossal Cave. TAG trip with visits to Xanadu, Bugger Hole, Ferris Pit, Natural Wells, Valhalla, Neversink, Fern Cave, Lamons cave, Fern Middle Cave, and finally Ellisons including rigging a 585 foot drop into Fantastic pit. Summer Grotto Picnic in Jersey
Dottie started her grandkids caving in Schofers.
A dive trip to McFails in NY. Friar’s Hole Friar’s Hole Entrance. Locust Creek Cave Resurgance dive & survey trips. Survey trip to Nevin Cave.

Special Projects


Joe Durant Scott Berger Ron Stern
Dottie Eckert Bonnie Chen Tom Lovejoy
Peter Welles Doc Dougherty Bill Boehle
Laura Boehle Chris Kocher Michele Dooley
Mary K Till Phill Cook Tom Stewart
John Whitlock Rod Trautz Barbara Brumbaugh
Jim Gombold Brenda Wilder Eb Werner
Ron Miller Art Borst Fred Behm
Agnes Maderich


Beginning Balance: 400.70
Expenditurers: 616.58
Income: 585.32
Ending Balance: 369.44



Joe Durant Chairman
Editor Digest
Dottie Eckert Vice Chairman
Tom Stewart Secretary
Mike Mostardi Treasurer
Mary K Till Board Member
Jim Gombold Board Member
Ray Scheinfeld Board Member

Field Trips / Events

Jan 1-3 – Trip to J-4 in Centre County Pa, Snedegars & Canadien Hole of Friars Hole and Tub Cave in West Va. Dottie Eckert, Ron Miller and Phil Molser

Jan 7 – Grotto meeting Mike Mostardi showed slides of Mitchell’s Gorge and Cave

Jan 10 – Trip to Driebilbis Cave Berks County Pa Mike Mostardi, Jake the dog, Mary K. Till, Ron Miller, Dottie Eckert, Art Fortini, Ron Trout and Lucy.

Jan 23-24 – Trip to Roadside Pit and Norman’s in West Wa. by Dottie Eckert, Ron Miller, Phil Molzer, Art Fortini and Bill Wentz

Jan 31 – J-4 beginner’s trip led by Ron Miller, Mike Mostardi, Dottie Eckert, and Joe Durant. Paul Lownes and John Gares also helped lead about 10 members of the University of Pennsylvania Outing Club through the cave.

Feb 4 – Grotto meeting Dottie showed slides from Flemmings Cave

Feb 6-8 – Hosterman’s vertical trip taken by Laird Allen, Dottie Eckert, Jim Brown, Ron Miller, Phil Molzer, Jim Gombold, and Peter Welles

Feb 10 – vertical training session at Tom Lovejoy’s

Feb 27-28 – Alexander’s Cave and Flemmings cave trip by ever present and willing (abused and used) sherpa Dottie Eckert.

Feb 27 – MAR Business meeting attended by Mike Mostardi and Mary K Till

Feb 28 – J-4 begginer’s trip led by Ron Miller

Mar 3 – Grotto meeting…Dottie Eckert showed slides from Locust Creek Cave

Mar 5-6 – Norman’s cave trip led by Dottie Eckert

Mar 19 – P2G2 attended by Mike Mostardi, Joe Durant, Phil Cook, and Brenda Wilder.

Mar 19-20 – Friar’s Hole to Snedegars entrance to entrace trip by Ron Miller, Jim Gombold, Bill Wentz, Dottie Eckert, and Gary Dunking.

Mar 26-27 – Alexander’s and Flemmings II dive trip and survey by Dottie Eckert, James Brown, John Scweyen, Dottie Eckert, Mike Mostardi, and Mary K. Till

Mar 28 – Trip to J-4 by Paul Lownes, John Gares and Bill Mathews

Mar 30 – Lava Tube cave Big Island by Joe Durant

April 1-3 Cave search trip from Friar’s Hole by Dottie Eckert with Tom & Jennifer Lovejoy, and Arch McKown

April 7 – Grotto meeting Mike Mostardi showed slides from Alexanders. Joe Durant brought pictures from Hawaii

April 9-10 – Bowden’s Cave entrance to entrance trip by Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert and Jim Brown

Apr 16-17 – Bowdens beginner trip Mike Mostardi, Joe Durant, Tom Stewart, and Dottie Eckart lead over 20 beginners through Bowdens

April 17 – Mount Joy #1 Cave trip by John Gares Paul Lownes and Andrea Keefer…good example of how to find a cave from bad directions.

April 23 – Mummau Cave trip by John Gares, Paul Lownes, Cathy Borer, Andrea and Eric Keefer…yet another of Pa’s wonderfully small caves.

April 23-24 – Friar’s Hole System trip to visit Baltimore Domes…more hair raising adventures courtesy of Dottie Eckert.

May 5 – Grotto Meeting

May 6-8 – Commander Cody Caving Club Spring Weekend attended by many Philly Grotto cavers. Many trips into Snedegar’s another crazy adventure in Canadien Hole and a trip to Roadside Pit.

May 14 – Trip to Sharer Cave by John Gares, Paul Lownes, Cathy Borer, Andrea Keefer and Joe Durant

May 21 – Trip to Norman’s Cave by Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert and Bill Wentz

May 28-30 – Baltimore Pig Roast at Friar’s Hole attended bu Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert, John Gares, Paul Lowne, Cathy Borer and Trish Geiger

June 11-12 – Synder County Weekend Dottie Eckert and John Lyles.

June 24-July 3 – NSS Convention Hot Springs South Dakota. Laird Allen Stewart Markowitz, Peter Schiffles, Joe Durant, Mike Fernandez, Dottie Eckert, The Stewart family, the Scheinfeld family… included visits to Reeds Cave, Wind Cave, and Jewel Cave

July 16-17 – Toothpick Entrance to Friar’s Hole and Locust Creek. Joe Kaffl, Jim Butler and Dottie Eckert.

Aug 6-7 – Friar’s Hole and Spring Creek. Tom Lovejoy, Jennifer, Lauren & Peg. Dottie Eckert, James Brown and John Schweyen

Sept 1-5 OTR attended by Dottie Eckert, Rod Trautz & Norma Jean, Randy and Debbie Elder, The Stewarts, John Gares, Andrea Keefer, Paul Lownes, Cathy Borer, Mike Mostardi, Joe Durant, Jennie & phillip Eckert. Caves visited include Harman’s Waterfall and Bowden’s cave

Sept 11 – Berks County Survey trip. River Road Cave was located, surveyed and mapped. Joe Durant and Mike Mostardi

Sept 24-25 – Canadian Hole Entrance to Monster Cavern Friars Hole Cave West Va. Joe Kaffl, Dottie Eckert, and Bill Klimack

Oct 1-2 Grotto Picnic at Woodward Cave Campground including visits to Hostermans and Woodward Cave Jim Gombold, Dottie Eckert, Joe Durant, Mike Mostardi, Mary K Till, John Gares, Andrea Keefer, Craig McFall, Alex Hary, and the Stewart family

Oct 8-9 – Scott Hollow Birthday #4 and Normans Cave. Jim Gombold, Dottie Eckert, Bill Klimack and many more.

Oct 15-16 = Crookshank to Snedegar’s Vertical beginner’s trip. Jim Gombold, Dottie Eckert, Joe Durant, Ron Trout & Lucy, Tom Stewart & Jeremiah, Craig McFall, Phil Molzer, Cindy Wallace, Tom Lovejoy, Jennifer and Lauren.

Oct 22-23 CCCC Fall weekend attend by Joe Durant. Caves visited include Jones Quarry, Silers and Dead Dog

Oct 22 – J4 visited by Phil Molzer and Cindy Wallace.

Oct 30 – Vertical practise at Tom Lovejoy’s

Nov 4-5 – Sinnit-Thorne Mt trip attended by Jim Gombold, Dottie Exkert amd Gheryl Ingram

Nov 12-13 – WVACS survey training attended by Dottie Eckert and Mike Fernandez

Nov 13 – J-4 visited by Phil Molzer, Cindy Wallace, Greg Ackland, Abby & Dan, and Tim & Jed

Nov 13 – Berks County Cave survey field trip. Mike Mostardi, Joe Durant, Rich Kranzel, Bob Giadominico, and Bob Matusik located, surveyed and mapped Morgan Cave.

Nov 19-20 – NCRC Basic Rescue Seminar attended by Dottie Eckert , Jim Gombold , Cindy Wallace and Joe Schock

Nov 25-27 – Thanksgiving weekend at Friar’s Hole attended by Cindy Wallace, Joe Schock, Jim Gombold, Dottie Eckert, Joe Durant, Tom & Jeremiah Stewart, and Ron Stern. Visited Crookshank Snedegars and Norman’s Cave

Dec 3 – Christmas Party

Dec 10-11 – Jones Quarry, Upper Nestle Quarry beginner trip led by Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert, Cindy Wallace, Joe Schock and Laird Allen

Special Projects

River Road Cave and Morgan Cave maps published for Berks County Cave Survey

John Whitlock Fred Behm Agnes Maderich
Keith Williams Tom Lovejoy Paul Lownes
Bud Templen Rod Trautz John Gares
Bill Wentz Phil Mosler Trish Geiger
Ed Larock Laird Allen Lou Detofsky
Cathy Borer Bill Vis Dottie Eckert
Joe Durant Randy Elder Phil Cook
Tom Stewart Jim Gombald Mike Mostardi
Mary K Till Andrea Keefer Al Hardy
Craig McFall Cindy Wallace Greg Acland
Cheryl Ingram Tim Leahy Bryan Gick
Art Fortini Ron Stern Dottie Eckert
Wendy Weiss Keith Williams Joe Schock
Howard Wallace


Beginning Balance: 369.44
Ending Balance: 415.19



Jim Gombold Chairman
Dottie Eckert Vice Chairman
Mike Mostardi Treasurer
Joe Durant Secretary
Editor of Digest
Mary K Till Board Member
Tom Stewart Board Member
Cindy Wallace Board Member

Field Trips / Events

Jan 1 – Ellison’s cave Georgia – Ron Miller, Cathy Borer, and Art Fortini. Friar’s Hole Toothpick Entrance and Bone Norman connection trip by Phil Molzer, Cindy Wallace, and Joe Schock

Jan 14 – Mummau Cave trip by Bill Wentz and Dottie Eckert.

Jan 21 – Driebilbis Cave trip by Phil Molzer, Cindy Wallace, Dottie Eckert, Alex Hardy, Craig McFall and Bill Wentz.

Jan 28 – Milroy #1 & #2 trip by Ron Miller, Phil Molzer, Cindy Wallace, Dottie Eckert, Jed Mosenfelder and Tim Leahy

Feb 18-20 – Roadside Pit, Norman’s and Fossil Fish Cave – Dottie Eckert, Cindy Wallace, Joe Schock, Jed Mosenfelder, Bill Wentz, and Phil Molzer

Feb 25-26 – MAR Businees meeting and Womer Cave trip by Joe Durant, Mike Mostardi, Mike Fernandez and Dottie Eckert.

March 11,12 Fossil Fish and Kings Cave by Dottie Eckert, Joe Durant, Phil Molzer and Ivan Hoffa

March 18 – Bowden’s beginner trip – Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert, Mike Mostardi, Craig McFall, Bill Vis, and Lou Detofsky

April 15-16 – Norman’s & Endless Caverns by Joe Durant, Dottie Eckert, John Gares, AndreaKeefer, Ron Lussier, Sarah, Suzanne & Dan
April 28-30 Spring VAR attended by Dottie Eckert.

May 13-14 CCCC Spring Weekend attended by many Philly Grotto members. Cave trips included Marshall’s 3D Maze, Lyles Pit, Fountain and Grand Caverns

May 28-30 – Baltimore Grotto Pig Roast at Friar’s Hole attended by Dottie Eckert

June 10 – Scott Hollow dive sherpa trip by Dottie Eckert, Jed Mosenfelder, Tom Lovejoy, and Joe Schock

June 16-17 – Wagner Sink Dig – Dottie Eckert with CCCC

June 24-25 Speleo tubing through Sinks of Gandy by Dottie Eckert with Sligo Grotto

July 1-4 Bone-Norman connection trip by Dottie Eckert, Jed Mosenfelder, Ron Miller, Cathy Borer, Art Fortini, and Tom Lovejoy

July 31-Aug 4 – NSS Convention Sewanee Tenn attended bu Laird, Judy and Grant Allen, Joe Durant, Craig Mcfall, Eric Schultz, Cathy Borer, Joe Schock, Gretchen Schock, Dottie Eckert, Tom Lovejoy, and Tom Stewart. Beginning of Pinny Cave Survey

Aug 30 – Sept 4 – OTR 40th attended by Mike & Mary K Mostardi, Joe Durant, Craig McFall, Phil Cook, Joe Schock, Gretchen Schock, Eric Schultz.

Sept 7 – Grotto meeting a David Rittenhouse Labs University of Pennsylvania

Sept 22-24 – Philly Grotto Fall CaveOut Natural Chimneys Va.

Oct 5 Grotto meeting at David Rittenhouse Labs University of Pennsylvania

Nov 2 Grotto meeting at David Rittenhouse Labs University of Pennsylvania

Nov 4 – Quarry Hill Cave tirp by Dottie Eckert, Mary Hrenda, Don Rice, Eric Schultz, and Trish Geiger

Nov 5 – Berks County Survey Field trip. Dottie Eckert, Joe Durant, and Mike Mostardi located, surveyed and mapped Coon Cave

Nov 18-26 – Pinney Cave survey trip Sparta Tenn. by Don Rice, Mary Hrenda, Tom Lovejoy, Dottie Eckert, Ron Miller, Cathy Borer, Art Fortini, Joe Durant, and Jed Mosenfelder. 800’ of passage mapped

Dec 8 Grotto meeting and Christmas Party

Special Projects

Start of Pinny Cave survey. Continued work on Berks County Cave Survey.

John Whitlock Bill Wentz Art Fortini
Ron Miller Trish Geiger Jed Mosenfelder
Paul Lownes Howard Wallace Eric Schultz
Phil Molzer Lou Detofsky James Steet
Bill Vis Joe Durant Jim Gombold Rod Trautz
Mary Hrenda Gretchen Schock Jim McCullough
Don Rice Stewart Cleavland John Gares
Eric Schultz Tom Stewart Ron Stern
Andrea Keefer Phil Cook Mike Mostardi
Mary K Till Mark Nelson Tina Vaughn
Emile St Amand Jim Brown Joe Schock
Wendy Weiss John Lyles Snake Owen
Neil Garrett


Beginning Balance: 415.19
Ending Balance 192.83