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Disclaimer: Caving is an inherently hazardous activity, with bruises and twisted ankles being common injuries. Broken bones, concussions, entrapment, disabling injuries, and deaths have been known to occur during caving trips. This information is not a substitute for instruction, experience, or personal responsibility.

Caving can be physically and emotionally demanding and stressful. It is important that you are prepared, fit, properly equipped, sober, and healthy.

We strongly recommend that beginners cave with and be led by experienced, knowledgable cavers. Cavers need to understand their personal skill level and the difficulty of the cave being visited — it is your responsibility to not exceed your abilities and skill levels. Inform your trip leader and companions of any situations or conditions that may limit your abilities and capabilities.

Average cave temperatures are near 55 degrees with humidity of 100%. Dressing in layers of synthetic insulating clothing can help protect cavers from the constant hazard of hypothermia.

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Attend one of our monthly first Thursday Meetings to receive a membership form to join. Meeting location or Zoom link will be updated on the home page.